At Stuart, we have implemented new processes to help your customers, Stuwies, and clients stay safe during the outbreak of COVID-19.

See here the detailed process for Contact-Free Delivery.

IN STORE - What we expect from you

  1. Train staff to take the necessary preventive measures to avoid the spread of COVID-19 as advised by Public Health England.
  2. Minimise the number of people who are exposed to packages by considering the area in which parcels are collected.
  3. Keep the waiting area clean and separate from where food is being prepared.
  4. Ensure packaging and bags are properly sealed using tape or staples before it’s handed over.
  5. If it is not possible to seal bags, consider double bagging delivery orders so that food is kept safe inside before it is delivered.

AT PICK-UP - What will happen at the hand-over

  1. To support our commitment to keeping clients, couriers, and customers safe, Stuart is currently not accepting cash orders
  2. Make sure any food deliveries are safely sealed with tape or staples.
  3. The staff member will be asked to place the package directly into the thermal bag before it can be closed by the Stuwie. 
  4. The current NHS advice is that there is no evidence that the virus can be passed on through food or packages. However, taking precautions will minimise the risk of exposure to any potentially infectious airborne material. 
  5. If you are able to, please allow Stuwies to wash their hands or use a hand sanitiser in your store to help keep everyone safe. Stuwies will be grateful to have the opportunity to keep clean and ready to work in safety.

AT DROP-OFF - What you can expect from Stuart

  1. The Stuwie will double-check the delivery notes to see if they have been provided more instructions for drop off.
  2. They will open the thermal bag and leave the package in front of the customer’s door (or follow delivery details to leave it where specified), making sure the package inside the bag is easy to reach.
  3. The Stuwie will knock on the door or ring the buzzer to let the customer know they’re there.
  4. They will step back at least 2 metres.
  5. If there is no answer, the Stuwie will call the customer up to 3 times to let them know it’s there. If the customer is unreachable, the Stuwie will contact Stuart Support for further assistance.
  6. If there is an age-restricted item, the Stuwie will follow the normal C25 procedure, making sure they keep a safe distance throughout. If underage or age cannot be verified, the delivery will not proceed.
  7. The package will be marked as delivered by the Stuwie when the customer has been seen collecting it.
  8. If a signature is required, the Stuwie will mark this with an “X”.

Here is an example of best practice concerning the delivery notes at pick-up/drop-off: 

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