Here is how final Delivery Statuses will change in the new architecture.

What happened before?
Previously, a job could display the status of “Cancelled” however the items could still be delivered successfully under a different Job ID.

"Cancelled" status was not the final indication about whether the items were or were not delivered. 

This could happen for e.g. if a different courier had to be assigned to your delivery.

What happens in the new architecture?

In the new architecture, we will be more transparent and precise about what these statuses mean and therefore what is happening with your delivery.

What will happen in the new architecture is that a "Cancelled" status is final.
If your delivery displays this status, it means it cannot be relaunched into the system, but you will have to create a new delivery request if you so wish.

E.g. if a different courier has to be assigned to your delivery, the status will now go back to "Searching" or "In Progress" - so you will always know what is happening!

If you are API integrated, you can listen to the Cancellation Reasons via webhooks to know the reason for any "Cancelled" status.

Check out this article for more details if you are API integrated.

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