I. What is CSV Upload?

CSV Upload is a feature we created that will allow you to upload multiple job details at once, and therefore request multiple jobs at once, instead of one-by-one. It does so by allowing you to upload a file containing those details within it.

II. I want this feature!

At the moment, someone from the Stuart Team will have to activate this feature for you before it can appear in your Stuart Dashboard.
Please contact us either on Live Chat or via clients.uk@stuart.com and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible to flip the switch!

III. How should the file be formatted?

  1. File type has to be CSV (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comma-separated_values) no other formats will be accepted. CSV file can be generated in any spreadsheet software (Excel, Numbers, Google Sheet).
  2. ⚠️ NOTE ⚠️ The file has to follow a specific structure.
    The order of the columns, the headers of the columns, and the name of columns have to be an exact match to the template given.
  3. The template can be downloaded directly from your Stuart Dashboard. See below:

4. The columns with an asterisk ( * ) shown in the template are mandatory. Here is a list of all mandatory columns:

  • pickupAddress
  • pickupPostalCode
  • pickupCity
  • dropoffAddress
  • dropoffPostalcode
  • dropoffCity
  • transportType
  • date (format accepted dd/mm/yyyy)
  • time (format accepted hh:mm)

5. The email fields must contain a valid email address (e.g. email@test.com


Q: Is Package Size also supported?
A: Yes

Q: What will happen if one of the rows fail?
A: The whole import is discarded. You will have to either remove the problematic row, or correct it and re-upload the file.

Q: What about error handling?
A: When there is a problem with a file, you will see a message when hovering over the ❗️ sign. See below:

Q: Does CSV Uploader support Stacking?
A: No. Stacking is not supported yet.

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