The Stuart Courier Partner cannot take the order:

  • Are you sure that you ordered the right transport type? Is the package is too big / too bulky / too heavy? 
  • In case of requesting the wrong transport type, you can directly cancel the delivery through your Stuart Client App or Dashboard (before the item has been picked-up). There is no charge for cancelling within 2 minutes of a Stuart Courier-Partner accepting the job. 

There is a missing item:

  • If you forgot an item while giving away the package to the Stuart Courier Partner, you can try contacting them directly through your Stuart App. If they are not too far, you can ask if they can return to retrieve the rest of the order. However, as the return ride will not be compensated, we recommend that you directly request another instant delivery through your App or Dashboard.

The item has been damaged during the delivery:

  • Please send us a message specifying your job Stuart ID and describe your problem thoroughly so we can help you.
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