Usually, delivery requests are assigned within 5 minutes, yet during peak times it can take more minutes to be assigned to a Stuart courier-partner.

The system sends invitations to the couriers and it is then up to them to accept, as they are self-employed. Please, note that partners couriers can be reluctant to accept deliveries that are of higher distance.

Please allow the system to calculate the best route and invite a few drivers before contacting Live Support. If you cancel the order to have it relaunched, the order will get back to the beginning of the priority queue, so it takes more time to have the order assigned if it's cancelled and is re-sent, instead of letting the original one search for more time.

After 15 minutes of the job searching you can request Live Support to check your order, so they can assess supply in the area and provide you with a better ETA on when the delivery request could be assigned.

What if there is no Stuart courier-partner available?

Urgent delivery and no Stuart Courier Partner available? Please wait a few minutes and retry as a Stuart Courier Partner is probably finishing a delivery nearby and will be available within minutes.

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